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Down Tempo / Chill Out Styles

Mellow out with these smoothing sounds.

Practice makes perfect.

Produced By: Bellamy Beatz

This section Highlights the Various artist That I had the pleasure to work with. 

Jazz / Blues / Go-Go Styles

On the Jazz Tip. This section is where you can hear my contemporary side.

Bellamy Beatz Style Of Hip-Hop

My style of hip-hop is hard to defined.  So what you hear in this section is what I call Hip-Hop

Still Here

 This one is for all the Moms out there who lost a child too gun violence. This music came through me too give you all. 

In Your Mind Beat

Check out this great video

Please Send Me a Message with your questions, I will reply Immediately, Even If you are not ready to Order, Lets talk about *music*.

I am a multi instrumentalist, music producer, mixing and mastering engineer. I produce music for various genres ranging from hip hop, rnb, soul, jazz funk and Down tempo. I have been making music for over 20 years and with my experience as a song writer, i am the music producer that  can take your music to the next level.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for any questions at all, i would be glad to answer.

Choosing the right music is one of the most essential parts of your project. It's not only about genre and style, but even more about giving your customers goosebumps. High quality writing, awesome arrangement and top productions will give you the best results, which will give you a head start and puts your work a cut above the rest. I'll give you a quality product to match your project. 

My Style

My diverse tunes encompass a wide range such as the genres of Soul, Hip-Hop, Pop, Jazz Alternative, etc., all entwined with hints of Dark, Groovy, and Melodic elements. 

Professional Quality Music

I have a talent for crafting infectiously catchy beats - something I've been hard at work doing for over 2 decades now 

Need custom Beats?

Unwavering passion and dedication to music, is something that has blossomed since my youth, keeps my music fresh and compelling with each dynamic new release. Looking for a new sound? You found it. email for pricing info


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